WhatsApp’s ‘delete for everyone’ feature to get this only update

   WhatsApp’s ‘delete for everyone’ feature to get this  only update

  whts aap”s upcoming update will  leave 

WhatsApp’s upcoming update will  leave the time limit for ‘Delete for everyone’ feature from one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds to two days and 12 hours.


 As per the report, the tech giant has already rolled out the feature for its beta users. When Whats App launches this feature, users will be able to delete their messages in a  leaning of two days after sending them. Once the feature is rolled out, “This was deleted by an admin,” will be displayed in place of the deleted messages, said the report.

 Earlier, it was rumored that Whats App was planning to extend the time limit to one week.  thought, now it seems the  file is no longer working on it.

Meanwhile other reports suggest that Whats App will also soon launch an ‘Undo’ button on its app which will  recover your deleted messages in the chat.

Whats App is working on a new feature that will   appear on the screen as soon as the user presses the ‘delete for me’ option to ask whether you wish to undo the option and  recover your deleted message. There will be a limited time frame to  forge said changes.





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