Veg manchurian is a delicious side dish or snack made with mixed vegetables, soy sauce, chili sauce etc. It is one of the delicious and popular variety of manchurian recipes. With this recipe you will be able to make absolutely tasty and best Chinese manchurian at home with mixed vegetables.

How do you like some super crispy mixed veg dumplings tossed in a sticky spicy and sour Chinese sauce? That is mixed vegetable manchurian for you. So worth the time, better than takeout’s, this homemade recipe is vegan, can be made gluten free easily.

What Is Vegetable Manchurian?

Vegetable manchurian or mixed veg manchurian is a popular variety of Indo chinese manchurian recipes. It is basically crispy veg dumplings tossed in the ever popular manchurian sauce.

All these vegetarian manchurian recipes like gobi manchurian, paneer manchurian, baby corn manchurian and this veg manchurian are vegetarian variation for popular chicken manchurian

Chinese vegetable manchurian recipe is a perfect side dish for fried rice.  The term manchurian may refer to the people from Manchuria and their desi cuisine. You can simply make dry veg manchurian balls or toss them in a sticky sweet and sour sauce.

At first this dish was made with chicken and then adapted to suit the vegetarians. Indo Chinese cuisine was developed first by the Chinese in Kolkata and now it is immensely popular and favorite cuisine across the country.

Indo chinese recipes are an all time favorite at our home. I like to recreate the street style fried rice, noodles, manchurian, rolls, popular indo chinese recipes at home time to time.

Whenever I make veg fried rice or veg noodles, I try to make a manchurian recipe as side dish. Depending on the availability of veggies I make this veg manchurian or gobi or paneer manchurian.

This recipe of veg manchurian is tried and tested multiple times, yields one of the best crispy manchurian balls in a super flavorful sauce.

This is a real treat for Indo Chinese food lovers. Do try this out and I am sure you will have super fun making this recipe at home.

This Veg Manchurian Is

This indo chinese dish recipe may look complex at the first glance. I assure you, it is super simple recipe and you do not need any special ingredients or equipment’s.

Over the years, I have learnt from my mistakes and curated these tips to make best veg manchurian for you. Just follow these steps and try it out, it will turn out wonderful.

Ingredients For Manchurian Sauce

To make this manchurian sauce or gravy you need a mix of sauces. All these sauces, along with vegetables like onion, celery. spring onion and bell peppers form the manchurian gravy. Here is a breakdown of sauces you will require

soy sauce

you can use a mix of dark and light soy sauce for flavor and color. I always use either naturally fermented soy sauce or liquid aminos from bragg. For gluten free option you can use tamari. Liquid aminos provide a wonderful deep flavor and umami to Chinese recipes. You can even use iot along with or instead of soy sauce.

Chilli sauce

Chilli sauce is used for flavor and spice. Instead of typical red chili sauce you can also red chilli flakes or any hot sauce like siracha. I sometimes use green chilli sauce and red chilli paste too for this recipe.


I like to add a dash of tomato ketchup for the flavor and slight sweet taste and also to balance spice levels, it is optional.


Vinegar– Use rice vinegar, rice wine or apple cider vinegar. You can use lemon juice in a pinch.

brown sugar or maple

salt and pepper

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