Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) Usfuk Requirement Posts 2021.

 I remember the scene I saw in a small village a few years ago today.  Whether there is a new film in the village, a vaccination program or a vasectomy camp or any new or old one.  The one whose voice is dominant in the village carries a loudspeaker in a horse-drawn carriage or an open jeep and announces all the programs in the streets of the village and the villagers become aware of the news.  Now the dialogue with the people has remained the same but the means have changed.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  That is why there is a need for a medium of communication that people can do while doing other things like weaving bread, driving, cutting hair in a beauty salon or sitting on the toilet seat!  The podcast came as a strong synonym for this dialogue .. !!

 Is this a podcast that is currently gaining popularity as a synonym for potty voices?  Podcasts are technically a file of spoken words that listeners can download to a device they like, such as a mobile phone, and listen to when they have time.  Podcasts usually have one or more hosts discussing a topic, giving their opinion, and you can download it to your favorite device and listen to it live.

 Now the question may be, what is the use of podcasts when there are communication mediums like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.?  So the answer is why not a podcast?  The benefits are many.  On the one hand, through podcasts, a person can express his views on various topics such as politics, films, culture, sports, science, music, literature in his own voice and through this his influence in different social and political or cultural circles.  And presence can arise.  In addition, podcasts are proving to be very effective for networking and increasing resources.  Podcasts bring you in touch with like-minded people, which can be very useful to you professionally.  In short you get a stage from where you can effectively present your opinion on any topic.

 There are other reasons for the popularity and use of podcasts.  You can also listen to the podcast while driving a car, making bread or walking on a treadmill.  This way you can multitask while listening to the podcast.  Which is a very precious thing in a sunny way.  The second podcast covers different topics, which helps you build consensus.

 Podcasts are a medium of performing arts so if there is a good podcaster, he can present the whole thing in a very entertaining way and thus the analysis of any news or opinion or event does not become boring.  Thus, if there is a voice and talent, a whole career option arises through the podcast.

 Creating a podcast usually costs very little and is mostly broadcast for free.  However, podcasters can monetize commercial companies by giving them advertising slots.  They can also get listeners through crowdfunding websites like Patrain, which provide content to listeners in exchange for a fee.  Thus podcasting is also a good option in terms of career.

 The naming of the podcast and the history of its discovery is just as interesting as listening to the podcast.  Podcast is a combination of the word iPod and Broadcast.  The originator of the word is the English newspaper The Guardian and the BBC’s Ben Hammersley.  Even though the word podcast has an iPod, you can listen to it through a podcast, a computer or any mobile device that can play a media file.

 The podcast is Dan of America.  Currently most podcasts are done by Britishers and Americans.  It also has currencies in Canada and Australia.  Matbar magazines like Time Magazine also recommend a good podcast channel.  So let’s take a look at some of the best podcast channels:

 (1) 1619: The name of the podcast channel is 1619.  As the name implies, history is being talked about here.  This podcast also talks about the slavery practice in America at one time and also about the Civil War.  Interesting stories from the history of American music can be heard here.  Writers from the New York Times also participate in podcasts here.

 (2) 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: The name is interesting.  If America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure is to comment on people with dark skin.  The policy of apartheid is still not gone.  So here are two bachelor girls weaving racist stories into cultural information with a smile.

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 (3) Beer Brook: This is the CID of the podcast.  Here are the criminal cases that have sparked controversy since 1985.  No theft has been solved or no killer has been caught.  Unclaimed bodies have been found and then mysterious secrets have been revealed.  Make this podcast fun for anyone who likes crime-thriller.

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Application Last Date : 08/07/2021

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 (4) Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People: The format of this podcast show is fun.  Here in every episode someone is interviewed.  The identity of the person being interviewed should be kept confidential.  Then for an hour he can do whatever he wants in his life.  Homosexuals also speak for themselves, and survivors of mass shootings also tell their stories.  The listener is soaked in the feelings of strangers with the utmost attention.  This is the fun of podcasting.

 (5) The Birth Hour: Here we are talking about pregnancy, motherhood and delivery at birth.  Every pregnancy has a different story.  Everyone has different experiences.  It is shared in this podcast channel.  As well, for those who are going to be in for the first time, here is the necessary guidance and health tips.  This is a favorite podcast channel for newlyweds.

 Millions of people around the world were fans of the podcast at one time.  Today millions of people have become his darlings.  Apart from the eye, the ear is a medium that can shape a person.  In short, radio is an ear school if the podcast is an ear college.

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