top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india.

 India’s top ten real-time machine shadowing system providers

Many years ago, line shadowing was a valuable investment reserved for businesses; today, line shadowing software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. 

Several of our best options are custom produced and offer the quality you need to keep your costs low while increasing your profit. Numerous shamus apps are now available to secure your smartphone. Whatever line shadowing solution you choose, you’ll have the real-time visibility you need to maintain your line in top shape and your operation running smoothly. 

Software for Fleet Management in Style

1. Innovative GPS Tracking System for Small Businesses

Their line and asset shadowing solution enables real-time line shadowing, allowing organisations to simply cover vehicles and equipment. 

Important Features

Make the deliveries according to a schedule.

Using a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone, keep track of your line and motorists.

Detailed field reporting

Stop times are measured and reported on.

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2. One-Step GPS Fleet Tracking with Swish Affordable Fleet Management Software

One Step GPS provides economical GPS line shames for any size line. With One Step GPS Fleet Tracking, you can track vehicles and examine their travel history, receive warnings for bad driving patterns, and more.

Important Features

Turn-by-turn navigation of vehicles

Speeding, rapid acceleration, sudden retardation, machine footling, after-hours driving, and other cautions

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all have plants.

No programme downloads are required for the web-based shamus effect.

Vehicle conservation warnings were lifted on days or kilometres travelled in the country.

Costs $13.95 per month with a free device; during activation, the first, last, and $ 20 activation figures are required – must return bias at the conclusion of the subscription term.

3. ClearPathGPS, a stylish fleet tracking app

Businesses can get a GPS line shamus with full control from empty Path GPS.  Clear Path GPS is popular among businesses since it requires no contracts.

Important Features

Verizon is responsible for 30 different updates.

Attack purchase flexibility

Professional installation with a full warranty

Service may be suspended at any time.


Standard Subscription: $20 per month (powered means), $15 per month (non-powered means)

$5/month for Pro Add-On

Read our article “What Is Fleet Management?” to discover more about the benefits and challenges of line operations.

4.GPS Tracking Solution with Insight

GPS Insight is available to small and mid-sized businesses as well as large corporations. When you choose the GPS Insight Tracking Solution, you’ll love the benefits and capabilities of the programme, which will help you overcome your important business difficulties.

Important Features

Visibility of the line in real time

Footling, speeding, unlawful use, and a conservation plan are all things to consider.

Boost overall efficiency and productivity

To count time-consuming paperwork, automate electronic reporting.

Improve response times, provide better ETAs, and demonstrate project completion to improve customer service.


Standard GPS Insight for small fleets of 1 to 25 vehicles Request a citation by communicating.

 Request a citation by communicating.

GPS Insight Enterprise is designed for fleets of more than 500 vehicles. For the citation, communicate.

5. iO FFICE Manager Plus

Their line conservation programmes allow you to manage your line and rig more successfully by allowing you to handle an endless number of preventative conservation regimens for each vehicle in your line.

Performance of spectators based on energy and/or oil consumption

Creates work orders for preventative line conservation and document conditioning automatically to assist you in analysing trends and identifying a pattern of problems.

Examine odometer, hours, days, schedule dates, days of the week, or tyre depth for conservation.


For the main full-featured SaaS result, Lightning Plus costs $ 85 per month per person.

Experience with Lightning

New collaboration and intelligence tools are available for $ 125 per month per user.

6.Navman Teletrac

Teletrac Navman is a major provider of GPS line shadowing and automation results based on the web. 

Important Features

Maximizes production to aid industriousness in addition to serving guests

Adapts to the conditions of any size line.

Increase overall profit by reducing functional complexity.

The impact of technology that was previously installed in your vehicles

access to data to assist stoners in quickly forming perceptive thoughts with minimal effort

Mapping, routing, vehicle analytics, integrated workflow, and much more are all available.

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7. FleetCommander Agile

Nimble Commander is shadowing software that allows you to manage your line regardless of its size. Nimble Commander is the solution for sharing vehicles, evaluating vehicle operation, controlling vehicles, and sizing your line to perfection.

Important Features

Line for operation and shadowing is simplified.

Keep track of energy conservation, accidents, and more.

Nimble Commander goes down and offers you with even more detail, preventive conservation chores, repairs, maintenance, labour, and more when you click on any piece of detail in the conservation dashboard.


A range of persons may benefit from automated conservation monuments.

Reports can help you discover trends, expenses, and flaws in your conservation strategy.

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8. Azuga 

Line directors and enterprises can use Azuga to track vehicles, automobilist scores, costs, diagnostics, environmental conditions, and much more. Azuga is a product suite that includes everything from instant-install OBD draw-in bias to pall-predicated software with smartphone apps.

Important Features

Automobilist pricing programme is unique.

Other line shadowing software only captures vehicle data for up to ten times as long.

No freight termination charges

The mobile software provides drivers with real-time safety rankings and rewards top performers with major-brand gift cards delivered directly to their devices.

Data, history, pars, and admonitions on speeding, harsh deceleration, hard acceleration, wicked footling, and other safety and performance indications are provided by a top-rated GPS shadowing and covering service.

Free trial is available; contact for citation.

9. Fleetio 

Fleetio is a modern, web-based line operation tool that makes it simple to control and track vehicles and equipment from anywhere. Fleetio provides a one-by-one line operating software for lines of all sizes that is designed for collaboration with built-in automation and a mobile-first approach.

Important Features

Software built to help with integrations

With software changes, Fleetio iterates quickly.

Line shadowing with a mobile-first approach

Free trials are available.

Pro Plan$ 5-6 per vehicle each month

Advanced Fleetio Plan

7-8 dollars per vehicle per month

10. myGeotab 

Geotab is an award-winning provider of secure open platform telematics technology that uses Big Data to help line managers improve productivity, driver safety, and compliance. There are some MyGeotab is a web-based line operating software that gathers vehicle and automobilist information in one place to help businesses make better decisions.

Important Features

Scalable for all types of lines

Important tools for creating new growth and savings opportunities

Removes the complication involved with data collection and transforms it into meaningful, practical information for organisations.

Advanced reporting, automobilist behaviour control, powerful machine data reporting, GPS vehicle shadowing, route optimization, machine health and conservation, and much more are all available.

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