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 A farmer had borrowed a large sum of money from a town lender at interest.  The lender had very lenient terms when giving the amount at interest.  So, the farmer also took the amount on interest without thinking of doing any new venture out of his yard.  One day the moneylender called the farmer and said, ‘I need my money so give me all the money in one week including interest.  If you can’t afford it, give me your land. ‘  The farmer was confused and it was not possible to manage such an amount.  The farmer was trembling at the thought that the only source of livelihood would be lost.

 A week passed and the farmer could not pay the amount so the lender convened the village commission and talked to everyone.  The farmer could not pay the amount, the commission said.  Therefore, he should give his land to the lender.  While the conversation was going on, the young daughter of the farmer came and requested the lender to give her a little more time.  Seeing a very beautiful girl, this lender got another idea.  The lender told the commission, “I am from this village so I am worried about this farmer.  I don’t want to take away her land.  I want to give them a chance.  I will put two stones in my bag and then her daughter will pick up one of these two stones.  If he picks up the white stone, all his debts are forgiven, but if he picks up the black stone, he will have to marry his daughter to me. ‘

 The farmer understood the lender’s malice.  So she immediately refused.  But the daughter accepted the condition in the hope that something could help the father.  The old moneylender picked up two stones from the white and black stones lying below and put them in his bag.  The girl’s keen eye noticed that the moneylender had put both black stones in the bag.  At one point, the girl came up with the idea of ​​realizing my destiny for my father, to pick up one of these two black stones and walk with this lender.  But the next moment he had a different idea and Ronak appeared on his face.

 He put his hand in the bag and picked up a stone and pulled it out as if the stone had fallen out of his hand.  Many black and white stones were lying on the ground.  The stone that fell from the girl’s hand was black or white that could not be determined.  The girl said, “Now do one thing. Take out the other stone in this bag. If it was white, the stone I picked up was black, and if it was black, the stone I picked up was white.”  A black stone came out of the bag and the farmer’s debt was forgiven as per the condition.  Problems can be turned into features if a little thought is given with positivity no matter how dire the situation.

 When a problem arises, it does not come alone, it also brings a solution.  But we get so confused that we only see the problem.  The solution that comes with it is not visible.  When water boils, it is natural for man to not see his reflection in it.  A clear reflection appears when the water calms down.  In the same way when the mind is unstable there is no way out.  The one whose mind is stable succeeds in finding the way.  It is not easy to keep a calm mind when faced with various questions.  But at the same time it should be thought that it is not impossible.  In cricket, you may have seen many times that a captain who can behave easily even under a lot of pressure is more likely to win because he is thinking of how to get out of this predicament instead of succumbing to it.

 I remember exactly one incident from 1990.  There was a big program in Salangpur to celebrate the 70th birthday of HH Pramukhswami Maharaj.  The five-day event was attended by an estimated five lakh people.  On the first day alone, 1.5 to 2 lakh people came.  The saints in charge of the kitchen were confused.  If this human flow continues then the food offerings will be cleansed in just 2 days.  The bewildered saints approached the President for guidance.  Pramukhswami listened carefully to his problem.  The saints had no idea what to do now.  At that time, Pramukhswami encouraged him and said, ‘Don’t worry.  God will make all arrangements.  Now all of you sit on the phone now and call our big temples and instruct them to collect all the dry snacks from wherever they can get them and send them to Salangpur immediately. ‘  How accurate was this suggestion given by Swamiji.  Why didn’t any saint come up with such an idea?  Because his mind was not calm.

 If there is a problem, if it becomes a problem, on the contrary, it becomes more complicated.  If a man who has made mistakes in the forest rushes to find a way in the dark, he will get more confused in the forest.  But if you find a way in the light of day, the chances of finding a way increase, so don’t make a hasty decision when there is darkness in your mind, otherwise you will get trapped.  If a decision is taken after a little bit of stability as the day goes on, a definite solution will be found.

Date:- 25/06/2021

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 No matter what field you work in, problems are bound to arise.  The one who stays calm and finds a solution finds a solution and the one who gets distracted gets entangled in a whirlpool of problems.

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