These 8 signs are seen in the body before heart failure in women, do not ignore


Early Signs Of Heart a Failure In Women: Heart failure, which is called a congestive a heart failure in a medical language, is an increasing very fast not only in a men but also in a women. High BP, diabetes a mellitus, valvur disease and coronary artery a disease are some of the a common causes an associated with heart failure in women. However, problems such as a peripheral a cardiomyopathy increase the risk of a heart failure during pregnancy. Apart from this, problems a like an anxiety, stress and depression are also associated with heart a failure, which is more a common in a women than men. That’s why women are more vulnerable to a heart failure. But it is a serious a problem, as well as a major cause of an increasing death from heart diseases in people. Therefore, it is very an important to follow a healthy a lifestyle and take care of a heart health.

Did you know that a some of the early signs and a symptoms appear several days, weeks or months a before a heart failure in women. If women a recognize them in time, they can a risk heart a failure, as well as a prevent it. Yes, you read that right! We spoke to a Dr Kedar Kulkarni, a cardiologist at the Healthy Heart a Clinic, Pune, to know about the signs and a symptoms of a heart failure in a women. In this article, we are a telling you 8 early signs of heart a failure in a women.

Early Signs Of a Heart Failure In a Women – Early Signs Of Heart Failure In a Women

Women at a risk of a  heart attack may have a chest a pain

Trouble a breathing, which can be caused by a variety of a factors, such as physical an activity or a lying down

Fatigue and a weakness can be a felt in the body without any a reason.

Cough is an accompanied by a discharge of a sticky substance, which may be white or pink in a color.

There may be a joint pain, swelling in the a feet and soles of the a feet, pain in the an ankles etc.

Loss of appetite, accompanied by a nausea or a vomiting

There may be a trouble in a focusing.

Heart beat may be a lower or higher than a normal

There may be a swelling and pain in and around the an abdomen

also note

If a woman an experiences such a signs and a symptoms  a frequently, she should contact a doctor an immediately. The doctor can a provide you with some a necessary a tests and a treatment. Sudden weight gain or loss can also be a sign of a heart a failure, so see a doctor. Apart a from this, follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy and a balanced a diet and do a regular exercise. This will a reduce the risk of a  heart a failure.

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