The Shape of Water Best Film and Gary Oldman Best Actor at the Oscars

The Shape of Water Best Film and Gary Oldman Best Actor at the Oscars



Various records set at the 20th Oscars.

Dear Sir, Again: Bonus Payment 1 “April 2016 to 19” for the period July, 2016 refers to our discussions on the subject matter. Please note that we have already communicated with you numerous times, in the past that when we signed the contract on July 1, 2010, we paid the bonus for the full financial year as advised by ONGC. Our agreement with you was completed on July 19, 2016. As such the new contractor has taken over his workload, and we requested that you send a bonus payment to the new contractor. We would once again request that you ask a new contractor who has handled operations on your premises to terminate the bonus payment. Trust clarifies this point. To thank you and assure you of our best attention at all times, we remain,

Today, on Sunday 27/12/2020, an executive meeting of District Primary Teachers Union Surendranagar was held at Green School, Kathada village, Patdi taluka.

President of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union Shri Digvijay Singh Jadeja and General Secretary Satishbhai Patel were present in the executive meeting of the District Primary Teachers Union. Both dignitaries were honored.

Shri Mahamantri Shri A, President of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union informed about the activities of the Sangh
Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union has given a historic decision to the government by giving the benefit of Sarang job to Vidya Sahayak since 1997.
Extended the term of C c c and gave arrears of Rs. 1200 crore
Working hard day and night to get 4200 grade pay, Chanakya policy was announced to the Chief Minister and 65000 teachers were given back their rights.
In the interest of the teacher who stayed with us in the massacre camp of Surendranagar district, the camp was completed satisfactorily by the instruction of the director.
In the coming days, Taluka Internal Transfer Camp as well as District Fair Transfer Camp have been introduced for 100% completion.

It has been proposed that the higher salary scale of 9,20.31 should be taken in the number of 50 which is currently being taken in the number of 30 per month at Gandhinagar.
H.tat Acharya’s r r quickly decided to issue a circular
A member of Surendranagar District Primary Teachers Union cannot join any other union and if a teacher becomes a member of another union, such teacher siblings will automatically lose the membership of Surendranagar District Primary Teachers Union.
That was decided unanimously
Ltd. Yours faithfully
President / General Secretary Shri

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