Shikshak nu sanman

Shikshak nu sanman

10 – Student number ten – will tell the professor. (10) Chichiari: After grouping according to the number, a member of a group goes away and gives a message to his group. But in the meantime another group says chichiyari (very loud). So as not to let the other group hear his message. If heard, it is considered a silent loser. In the same way, the game can be played by saying a half-minute innings at a time.

E.g. As: Group A and B, 00 0 00 Member 00 0 ‘Outer Group Note: Outer group will hit the inside group with the ball. Indoor (classroom) games (1) Antakshari, bhajan, tune, prayer, calligraphy, dictation, nursery rhyme, folk song, poetry, acting song, clock, quick writing, quiz, riddle, season song, wedding song, welcome song, rhyme, patriotic song.

Planning can be done by turning it into a game, (2) spelling, spelling of words, name of village / city, name of village on antakshari, ideal recitation of Hindi-English-Gujarati, ideal poetry reading, poetry, general knowledge of country state-taluka-village, word The class can be entertained by giving ops like spelling, spelling fulfillment etc. (3) Change in item: Show the student or item to the first class. Then go out and change something then stand in front of the class

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Ask them to tell you what has changed by bringing or keeping the item. The team that says or writes more changes is called the winner. (4) Missing item Lots of different items in the classroom and keeping in mind that one of the students is missing and then the missing item or who is missing from the student is raised by a student 0

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