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 So we have already covered many websites and apps on financial literacy in this column.  But today we want to talk about a website in which you will find information about different topics in just three minutes.  We have found a lot of good websites and apps in the madia in the wires of startups.  This is especially true of digital media these days.  We will talk about it all gradually.  Today we will talk about finshots.  Suppose I tell you that there will be a newspaper in your house every day in which you will be able to read in simple language if you explain to a young child about different things related to business, market i.e. stock market, technology, manufacturing or any other subject and  Would you even consider it absolutely free?  If you are a student, entrepreneur, journalist or interested in business and market related matters then you should not pay to read this website and this newsletter.

 Each article in this newsletter can be read in just 3-5 minutes.  But it is full of information.  There is a phrase in English ‘Explain me like I am 5’ which means I am a five year old child and if you want to explain something to me, how do you explain it?  Explain in such language.  This is how articles of finshots are written.  So you can easily understand even the toughest subject.  In addition, the newsletter deals with topics that are not covered in the mainstream media.  You can also read the article by visiting the website on a daily basis.  You can also subscribe to this newsletter if you don’t want to.  This newsletter will arrive at your scheduled time each morning.  It has three sections.  finshots daily is a regular newsletter that you get every day.  Apart from that there is also a section by briefing the finshots.  These brief articles are also like a special issue or special article in a newspaper.  This special article is also available to regular readers when it is published and the third section is infographics, in which information is presented in simple language through graphics, images i.e. pictures but not by writing.

 Which sector receives the most FDI in India?  Who are the richest women entrepreneurs in Indiana?  Who are the richest businessmen in India?  How many companies has Facebook bought?  How many companies has Flipkart invested in?  If all these things are explained through graphics then you don’t have to write long and the reader / viewer can easily understand.  You explain to a child about an elephant that an elephant has a tail, an elephant has four legs, an elephant has a trunk, an elephant is a very large animal.  It is difficult for an elephant to understand two big teeth, but if you show it to an elephant once and say that the brother is this elephant, he will understand it the next time he sees the elephant and he will easily remember this.  Students should read such newsletters especially so that in future competitive exams, job interviews or even admission in a big college-university, work can be done and general knowledge can be increased in the true sense.  Reading the opinions of the people sitting on the rest of Facebook does not increase the knowledge.  So who are you waiting for, brother?  Subscribe Instantly.  This is not something to be missed.

 Zoho invoice / Zoho books

 If you are a freelancer, you know that most of your time will be spent on work, finding a new job, getting money from old clients.  Financial management can be a headache for you if you are a creative person and are raw in administrative or technical matters.  Do you get a job as a freelancer or get into all this trouble?  And if you are a freelancer, you are less likely to have a personal accountant because it is expensive.  In this case you should have software that can help you manage your financial transactions easily and reduce the unnecessary burden on you.  Zoho Invoice may be helpful for this.  This is a free software in which you can create purchase and sale bills.  Can send an estimate.  You can deposit the advance payment or you can also borrow if you have paid someone in advance.

 Now if you are not a freelancer but you are a small medium enterprise i.e. small business then there is a little better software for you.  It’s not free but it does make your job a lot easier.  It’s called Zoho books.  It can be called an all-round accounting software.  Even if you have no knowledge of accounting, you can easily do things like making e-way bill, calculating GST, preparing GST report, paying GST.  In addition, by linking this software to your bank account, you can pay your vendors or receive payment from the client without logging in to the bank’s website.  Your clients can also pay you with a single click.

 With the help of this software you will be able to know not only finance, but also who you have assigned a project or a task to from your team and how much time it has taken behind it.  This software is designed so that you can increase your productivity, not waste too much time on administrative and accounting work and work hard to grow your business from the time left.


 Even after using this software you will still need a CA as the rules regarding GST and tax in India change every two days and with all these changes it is not possible for you to stay updated every day.  It is not possible for us to do all this on our own if the rules deprive the life of the CA fraternity.  But if you have all these records ready, the CA will handle the technical matters and their work will be easier.  Now even if you don’t know any CAs and you want to find a CA or an accountant, you can find them only with this software.  If you run a small business you should not forget this software.  There are many other options in the market but I have no other software with such a good support system and loaded with features.  Apart from this, Zoho has many other apps that we will talk about in the next issue.

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