Matter of planning for “TWINING OF SCHOOLS”

Matter of planning for “TWINING OF SCHOOLS”

According to the above topic, due to the Corona epidemic, it is not possible to call students to primary schools at present, so that at present, children can study at home. Educational work is being done through various mediums like Microsoft Teams. The TWINING OF SCHOOLs program is not intended to invite students to the school level, but is currently part of home learning through online mobile and technology as part of home learning. The program aims to pair the way it is paired.

Thus, using virtual technology, the children of one school will have to be paired with the children of another school through a virtual online program. It is requested to inform the schools to make the program a success by making necessary arrangements as per the guidelines given for the implementation of this program.

BRC / CRC Co. at the block level of the said TWINING OF SCHOOL program. Organized by friends.

The TWINING OF SCHoots program should be organized for the children of upper primary (standard 6 to 8).

Selecting a school according to which schools were selected last year for the TWINING OF SCHoots program with another school.

If the school cannot be paired in the taluka then it will have to be paired with the schools of the adjoining taluka or any other taluka of that district. BRC friends do the necessary planning in this regard.

CRC Co. O Friends will have to give information and necessary guidance to the school principal and teacher friends about this program.

To organize TWINING OF SCHOOL according to the way the study is being done under home learning due to the current Corona epidemic.

No students are to be called to school or assembled at any place. The instructions of the Government regarding Kovid 12 will have to be strictly implemented.

Online mode through any of the existing methods of educating children through various mediums of technology, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live or social media.

Children will have to join from their own home.

The TWINING OF SCHOOLs program will be organized by the teacher friends to discuss the special as well as innovative activities done by the children by the teacher friends.

Sports, writing, storytelling, song, rhyme, story, acting, cultural activities, patriotic song, various competitions, creativity, history, geography, science, environment, energy, yoga, subject learning, QUIZ, debate, mathematical activities. Such activities will have to be organized by teacher friends based on many local experiences.

There will be scope for change in these activities depending on the local situation.

To prepare and send this plan at district level.


Once the program is completed, the overall report details will have to be sent from the district level.

This program will have to be completed by 7/8/2071 to 08/04/2071.

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