Let’s make education interesting … yes … Sureshbhai ji. Patel 0 Introduction: Subjects like Mathematics, Science, Sociology and English are considered as tough subjects in schools. Even some gifted students feel intimidated by these subjects. Among these subjects, sociology is considered to be a subject full of historical information and years.

So the students find this subject difficult for me. Some teacher friends are standard 7 MLL. He said that the subject of sociology in the training is longer than the level of students. But friends, after standard 5, standard 6 and standard 7 are developmental forms accordingly. But friends, if we are to keep pace with the world, we must incorporate new things into sociology at the time of the explosion of knowledge.

With that in mind, how does one get interested in sociology? We have to think about how to convey the content of sociology to the minds of the students or make it seem easy. Let us think about this and make the students interested in sociology. Increase students’ curiosity about the subject: We must first try to remove the negative attitude towards the subject from the minds of the students.

The most important thing is that not only is a negative attitude born, it has to be done. For this, the students should be directed to the subject through questions about the issues related to the previous subject, instead of going to the class immediately and presenting the subject to the students so that the first grass does not come.

So the students will show curiosity towards the subject, and if they know the things based on foreknowledge then their apathy towards the subject will be removed. In order for this curiosity to last throughout the hour, various things have to be taken care of, which will be known from the following issues.


Let’s get rid of the length and difficulty of the subject from our minds: Friends, when the subject is difficult in our own mind, the students will also find the subject difficult, because the teacher will not find it difficult for the student. The teacher cannot go to the classroom and do a good teaching job in the difficulty of the subject. 

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