Even the Himelayas do not bother the resolute traveler

 Sinha was a national player of volleyball and football in Aruni, a native of Uttar Pradesh.  Ta.  On April 11, 2011, Aruni was traveling from Lucknow to Delhi by Padmavati Express.  She got a job and was going to Delhi to attend work.  Being a girl from a middle class family, she was traveling in a general compartment.  Some of the thieves who broke into the general’s compartment noticed the gold chain worn by Arun.  The thieves tried to grab the chain and Aruni resisted and the thieves threw Aruni down from the moving train.  Just when Arunima was thrown out of the train, another train passed on the side track at the same time.  One of Aruni’s legs was cut off below the knee and the bones of the other leg came out.  Aruni cried out for help but in the darkness of the night her voice could not reach the people.  She was in pain all night.  Some of the rats that had come around in Adhura continued to scratch Aruni’s amputated leg.  During the whole night 49 trains passed through this track but the noise in Aruni was drowned out by the sound of the train.  Gradually the eyes became dark and the sight also stopped.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital in the morning.

 The hospital where people came with Aruni did not have anesthesia facility so the doctors were confused as to why the treatment should be done without making them unconscious.  Arunima could not see but could hear everything.  His brain was still supporting him so he listened to the doctors and said, ‘Stop worrying about anesthesia and start the treatment you need.  All the other pains are nothing compared to the pain I have endured so far.  Treat me without anesthesia. ‘  The doctors, seeing the girl’s courage, dared to operate on her and cut off one of her legs without anesthesia and rubbed the other leg.

 Arunima was later admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi.  Everyone was saying how will this girl spend her life now?  He has to spend his whole life in the support of others.  Even the media was presenting the case differently.  Rumors were circulating that Aruni had jumped from the moving train with the intention of committing suicide.  Aruni was shocked by these words.  Disturbed by the pessimistic rhetoric of the people on the one hand and the false allegations of the media on the other, Arunima decided to give a scathing answer to all this.  Not by refuting his statement but in a slightly different way … One of Aruni’s legs was amputated, the other leg had rods and three spinal bones were also broken.  The doctor doubted whether Aruni would be able to stand on her own two feet.

 Even in such a situation, falling into a hospital bed, Aruni made a resolution, “I want to climb Mount Everest.”  All the people who heard this started thinking that Aruni was crazy.  People started saying, “This girl’s brain seems to have stopped working.”  Aruni was no longer interested in what people were talking about, she saw only one goal, ‘Mount Everest.’  Talked to Bachendripal about his resolve to climb Mount Everest.  Hearing this, Bachendripal’s eyes also got wet.  He said to Arun in a wheelchair, ‘Son, he has already climbed Everest with his mind, now all you have to do is show it to the world.’  Arunima’s confidence got a boost.

 After coming home, Aruni started taking mountaineering training.  Most of his brothers supported and cooperated.  During mountaineering training, Aruni had a hard time because one of her legs was fake and the other had rods.  But if he loses and sits down, it is not in Aruni.  Despite many struggles, he continued his efforts.  With adequate training, he developed the ability to climb Everest.  Now Everest was able to sir.  Even people who were physically healthy met death while climbing Everest.  Therefore, no one in the world believed that Aruni could climb Everest.  During his journey towards Camp-4, he saw many corpses on the way.  Stuck there in Aruni for a few minutes.  I even thought for a moment that I would be in such a condition!  But then I immediately shook off the negativity and decided that on behalf of all these dead people, I have to climb Everest and pay a unique tribute to all of them.  Aruni ran out of oxygen just as Everest was approaching. 

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પગારબીલ બાબતની મહત્વની બાબતો ની જાણકારી નો વિડીયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 The accompanying mentor advised Aruni to turn back.  But if you turn back from that, it will not be in Aruni!  Despite facing many difficulties, this bhadveer nari, even in the face of death.  On May 21, 2013, he climbed Mount Everest and made his dream come true in a hospital bed.  People put their fingers in their mouths.  A girl from India made the impossible possible and got the honor of being the first person to climb Everest with a disability.  Arunima then conquered all the high mountains of the world and decided to fly the tricolor on the mountains.  A few years ago, the Government of India also honored this brave daughter of the country with the Padma Shri award.

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