Education news 16/06/2021

  Education news 16/06/2021

The individualization of teaching has always been the subject of a fairly active discussion in the academic community, where sometimes differences of opinion have occurred.  Representatives of one point of view said that it is even more acceptable to have formal rules governing the style of pedagogical communication, while others argued for the preservation of complete independence in this regard, on a predetermined right teachers  believe.  The science of controversy goes far beyond the details of this research, and sometimes without, it must be recognized that academic communication, however, like any other, can rarely be “formatted” into something generic.  By rules, standards and regulations.  Addressing one of the expressions of both the professional and general culture of the teacher, it nevertheless, as always, contains elements of affinity. It reflects an internal understanding by everyone of some of the issues that are involved in teaching.  .

For the first time this problem was explained, as a scientist, by the German psychologist Kurt Lewin.  Today, this field of knowledge holds a rather broad field, developed perspective and theories of dubious hypotheses, a general property which must be recognized that any of the points of view that exist on this issue cannot be denied indiscriminately.  There are sayings.

 Modern psychological and pedagogical science considers the following styles of pedagogical communication as the main ones. 


 The democratic style is not focused on the assessment of a person participating in the communicative process, but on the facts of his social behavior.  Important features of this style are aggregation in the discussion of tasks and decision-making, the predominance of horizontal forms of interaction over vertical, the tendency to develop and spr

ead various organizational forms of student self-management.  The democratic style encourages the development of initiative and independence, giving students confidence in their abilities.  The teacher, at the same time, depends on the opinion of the students in the formation of their own determination as teachers of their own pedagogical status.  In this “form” of communication, the teacher is the first among equals, who owns the right to the decisive word on the basis of authority. 0


પ્રાથમિક શૈક્ષિક મહાસંઘ નો લેટર જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

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કોરોના ઘટતા યુપીની યોગી આદિત્યનાથ સરકારે 1 જુલાઈથી ધોરણ 1 થી 8 ની સ્કૂલો ખોલવાનો નિર્ણય કર્યો છે.

Education news 16/06/2021

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