Circular regarding issuance of certificates to talented teachers

 Among all the teachers of my school, my dear teacher is Mr. Bhuvan Joshi, I have great respect for him.  His personality is very simple.  He is smart and has a very wide personality.

 He has been hailed as the best chemistry teacher in the state, although he can teach English and maths as well.

 While working, he passed his MSc in Chemistry.  He is the principal of our school now, but most of the principals are just the opposite.

 He believes that this efficient teaching is what motivates his students to move ahead in their careers.  He still devotes most of his time to teaching.

 His students love him very much because he solves every problem of the students.  Students ask him questions many times, rarely any student would be scolded.

 His behavior towards the teachers working with him is equally good.  He takes keen interest in the welfare of everyone.  All the teachers respect him from the heart and admire his qualities.

 He regularly checks the work of the teachers. He inspects every class once or twice a week without notice.  All discipline is followed in the school.

 Whenever a teacher is absent or late, the students neither make noise nor walk here and there.  Shree Joshi is always ready to keep the school campus clean and tidy and inspires everyone.


13/08/2021 ના પરિપત્ર

 His own life is an example for us.  He is a person who believes in doing his duty.  His dedication towards work can be an inspiration to all.

 They believe that no one is harmed by working, it is the everyday work that keeps the human body and mind fit.

 He is in good health and advises others that we should pay as much attention to our body as our mind.

 He does not like students who are bookworms and everyone should focus on doing regular exercise and playing daily.

 Our school enjoys great prestige and respect in sports and athletics.  In last year’s tournament, our school won trophies in all sports except volleyball competition.

 Then again, he is also a good speaker.  Always be ahead in participating in all kinds of activities, in school meetings and other functions and encourage students to take initiative.

 Joint Director of Education, Delhi, takes suggestions from him in every important matter.  These are the qualities that make him different from the rest of the teachers.

 In short, he is not only the most popular person in the school but also in the education department.

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