Butter Samosa Recipe

 Butter Samosa Recipe

Here is a recipe of luscious butter samosa that is sure to please your dessert craving. Just like all other samosas, this unique samosa is made in a triangular shape, with a crispy outer covering  surround melt-in-your-mouth butter inside.

Ingredients of Butter Samosa

1 Cup White butter

2 cups Khoya

5-6 Almonds (Powdered)

5-6 Cashew Nuts (Powdered)

5-6 Raisins

1 cup Powdered Sugar

A pinch of Cardamom powder

How to Make Butter Samosa

1.Keep butter in the refrigerator.

2.Mix khoya, sugar, cardamom powder and dry fruits to make soft dough.

3.Roll out small rots with dough. Place a dollop of butter on the centre and secure the ends to make triangles.

4.Keep in fridge to set.

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