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 Inflation is on the rise all around, business jobs have come to a standstill during the Corona period and at the same time the rates of various savings schemes ranging from FDs are being reduced day by day by the banks.  At such a time, stock markets around the world are seeing a boom.  Even in India, many people have jumped into the flowing Ganges to wash their hands, especially millennials.  Under normal circumstances, it is important to invest in mutual funds or equities to sustain savings against rising inflation.  The current FD interest rate is barely 5.5% when you book for 5 years.  If inflation rises to 5-7%, your savings will not work.

 But how to invest in the stock market?  Many people seek the advice of professional financial planners, while some people invest in the market by doing their own research because they are knowledgeable.  Share prices of some companies are skyrocketing in the stock market these days.  The prices of many companies have increased eight to ten times in the last one year.  Regular investors must know what these companies do.  What is the profit of the company?  How much is the damage?  How much to invest?  How much debt does the company owe?  How many shares of the company do the owners own?  Where does the owner of the company pledge his shares?  All of these things contribute to the rise and fall of the share price.  The process of sifting through all these things is called fundamental analysis.  Fundamental means basic analysis.  Fundamental Analysis is the analysis of the basics of a company’s business or operations.

 Chart and technical analysis is very prevalent in the stock market through Twitter and other social media.  But doing a fundamental analysis before investing in any company is more rewarding in the long run.  Fundamental analysis helps in determining the fair value of a company’s stock.

 Just like to know how your health is, the doctor checks your blood pressure, diabetes, weight, body temperature and based on all these statistics, declares whether your health is good or not.  Similarly, a fundamental analysis is done to find out whether a company is in good health or not.  The value of the company is determined on this basis.  Are companies undervalued or overvalued?  Which is appropriate to buy shares of the company at that time?  Isn’t the share price of the company much higher than the value of the company?  Fundamental analysis is very important to know all this.  There are three main points to consider for a fundamental analysis.  Financial reports i.e. balance sheet, profit loss account, cash on hand, inward and outward account i.e. cash flow statement.  The second is the company’s earnings.  How much the company has earned in each quarter and how much it is likely to earn in the future i.e. future projections.  The third is the financial ratio, which includes earnings per share.  Earnings per share i.e. EPS, PE ratio, debt to equity ratio etc. are included.  These are all technical terms.  But with a little research, you will find the simplest meaning of all these words on the Internet.

 There are also frequent scams in the stock market.  That is why most people stay away from the market calling it gambling, paper horses.  Fundamental analysis comes in handy when operators like Harshad Mehta manipulate the price and take the share price too high in a very short time.  If you know that the company has no breath and only a handful of people manipulate the rupee to make false fluctuations in the company’s stock, then you can stay away from it and invest your money in a good company when the time comes.

 Many of these are financial matters so it is also likely that the common man will not be able to understand them easily.  But if you want to invest in the stock market or other resources, it is very important to know the basics.  This is a website to get all the data.  Whose name is  Screener is a very simple, at first glance this beautiful website and it is absolutely free.

 If I want to get data about any company, just enter the name of that company, what is its market cap?  What is the current price?  How high has the price gone?  How far has it gone?  What percentage of dividends does the company pay?  What are its good aspects?  What are the bad aspects?  What are its competitors?  All this information can be easily found.  In addition, under normal circumstances you have to go to the website of the stock exchange to find out the results announced by the listed companies.  But this website called Screener gives you all this information easily and for free.  What is the sales growth of the company?  How much has the company’s profits increased?  You can also find out what percentage of the stock price has earned compound interest over the last five to ten years.  Also, present the entire balance sheet of the company whenever you want.  In which the total capital of the company, how much has the company borrowed?  Details of the company’s investments, company assets, etc. are displayed.

 Apart from this, you can also get information about which major investors or fund managers have invested in the company.  There are many people who make money by imitating big rich investors and investing behind them.  So many people have faith in their own research.  But when big investors or fund managers come to invest in the company they have researched, their confidence in their research is strengthened.  Big investors like Warren Buffet only invest in a company after seeing its fundamentals and their favorite thing is to read the company’s annual reports.  Big investors spend most of their time reading the company’s annual report.  You will also find the annual report of each company from this website.  Know what is the biggest fun of this website?  It already has ready-made scanners available.  About 5000 companies are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, while about 1500 companies are listed on the National Stock Exchange!  Now you can’t do research on each of these companies or read the annual reports of each company so this feature seems to work a lot at such times.  With the help of a good scanner, the companies can be filtered and then the annual reports of the appropriate companies can be read.

 You decide that I have to invest in companies with a market cap of more than Rs 2000 crore!  So you can research about it.  There are many such different criteria.  For example, you have to invest only in companies with zero Debt or have a PE ratio of more than 50 or you have to invest in a company with an ROCE of more than 12%.  So the company has developed a readymade scanner to overcome all these problems.

 Readymade scanners are available for this if you want to invest in the company that pays the highest dividends.  You can also customize it to suit your needs.  Can create custom scanners.  In addition, the website also has scanners based on the names of different well-known investors who work according to the criteria.  I.e., Warren Buffet Scanner Peter Lynch Scanner etc. etc.  In addition, if you have stock of any company in the watch list, you will also get the smallest information about it through mail.  In short you can do fundamental research to invest based on different options as you like.

 This website is free but you can pay for it if you want premium services.  But most investors and students are likely to get their work done with the free version.  So create an account without waiting!

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