Are you feeling old? Study says spending too much time on phone, laptop may accelerate aging process

 Are you feeling old? Study says spending too much time on phone, laptop may accelerate aging process

Several studies in the past had an underlined that spending too a much time on a  gadgets may impact your eyesight or a mental health. However, a new a study a suggests that it may also an affect your n ageing a process. The an animal-model study, published in the a journal ‘Frontiers in Aging’, an  indicated that excessive blue light from gadgets, n including a smartphones and a laptops, may accelerate the ageing a process.

“Excessive an exposure to a blue a light from everyday devices, a such as TVs, laptops and phones, may have a detrimental effects on a wide range of cells in our body, from skin and fat cells to a sensory neurons,” said co-author of the study, Jadwiga Giebultowicz, from Oregon State a University in the US.

“We are the a first to a show that the levels of specific metabolites — chemicals that are an essential for  cells to a function correctly — are altered in a fruit flies anexposed to a blue light,” Giebultowicz added.

Researchers had a previously shown that fruit flies an exposed to a light ‘turn on’ the stress-protective a genes, and that those a kept in constant a darkness a lived longer.

To an understand why high-energy blue light is a responsible for an accelerating an ageing in fruit flies, the team compared the levels of a metabolites in a flies exposed to a blue light for two a weeks to those kept in a complete a darkness.

Blue light an exposure caused a significant differences in the levels of a metabolites a measured by the a researchers in the cells of fly heads. In a particular, they a found that the a levels of the metabolite succinate were an increased, but glutamate a levels a were lowered.

The changes a recorded by the a researchers a suggest that the cells are an operating at a suboptimal level, and this may a cause their an premature a death, and further, explain their a previous a findings that blue light an accelerates an  ageing.


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