Are you also bothered by slow internet?

Are you also bothered by slow internet? So follow these tips in your mobile today, the speed will double.

Do you also feel that the internet speed on your smartphone is slow? So this news is for you.

Let me tell you that this is not as big a problem as it seems. You can fix the problem of slow internet very easily. However, for this you have to keep some things in mind. Smartphone users are always looking for tips to increase their internet speed and also wonder why to switch to Wi-Fi which also provides fast internet and good internet connectivity but before taking such a big step you need to have some features in the phone. Things should be taken care of. Today we are going to tell you some important things related to slow internet.

Why is your phone slow?
At such times, it also seems that our smartphone or laptop is working slowly, but the reason behind this is not the internet somewhere. There are many reasons for slow speed, for example you have opened many apps, which are running in the background and this also affects the speed of the phone. Another reason could be a bad connection. If you live in an area where the number of cell towers is less but the users are more, then you get weak connection at that time. Apart from this, your phone settings can also cause your slow internet. Many times it happens that the settings in the smartphone get messed up and due to this the internet speed is affected. However, you can increase the internet speed by making some changes in the phone settings.

How to increase the Internet speed in the phone
There are a few things to keep in mind to increase the internet speed in the phone. First of all you should try to clear the cache of the phone because whenever the cache memory is full the phone slows down. That’s why smartphone users should keep clearing the cache every few days and by adopting this trick you can increase the internet speed of your mobile. Apart from this, if you have more than necessary apps open then you should close all those apps. Let us tell you that since these apps work in the background, they keep using the internet and due to this the speed of the internet becomes slow.

Reset the settings
You can also increase internet speed by resetting smartphone settings to increase internet speed. For this you will get network option in mobile network in phone settings. There you have to set up the network manually by turning off the automatic setting. Apart from this you have to select the best option in the preferred network in the mobile data/network option.

Turn off auto updates
If auto-update is turned on in the phone, it should be turned off by going to settings, because the apps are on auto-update, users don’t know and the internet speed is low.

Restart the phone
Apart from all this you can also restart the smartphone. After the phone is refreshed, it might start getting good speed. If even after these settings there is no network or good connectivity then you can take another step further assuming that the telecom operator is not providing good service in your area.

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Are you also bothered by slow internet? So follow these tips in your mobile today, the speed will double

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